The WillPower Foundation provides financial support that empowers Western Massachusetts families and individuals with different abilities to meet their unique needs.

Many use the term ‘disability’, but the WillPower Foundation celebrates the power of different abilities. Families and individuals living with different abilities and special health care needs face unique financial hardships1, such as:

  • Higher health care costs
  • Higher routine expenses
  • Loss of employment income

The WillPower Foundation exists to help Western Mass families and individuals living with different abilities bridge the gap between increased expenses and decreased income.

Does your family need help paying for the extra costs that accompany caring for loved ones with disabilities and special health care needs?

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The Catalyst Center, the National Center for Health Insurance and Financing for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN), publicizes resources that illustrate how financial challenges arise related to caring for individuals with special health care needs