Frequently Asked Questions

WillPower Foundation Grant Application | Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit a letter of support?
Letters of support are not required, but they do strengthen an Applicant’s chance of being approved for funding.

How do I submit a letter of support?
Email your letter of support to, or mail to:
WillPower Foundation, Inc.
Attention: Grants Manager
P.O. Box 1244
Northampton, MA 01061.

May I submit my letter of support after the deadline?
Letters of support which are received after the submission deadline will not be considered.

How soon will I hear whether I have been approved for a WillPower Grant?
Please refer to our Grants Submission Schedule to see when you will be notified about funding decisions.

How will I be notified about whether my application is funded or not?
All grant recipients will be notified by phone and by email.  Notification Letters will NOT  be sent by U.S. mail. Please be sure to check your voicemail and junk email box if you haven’t received notification after the funding decision date as specified in the Grants Submission Schedule.

I have been awarded a WillPower grant, but wish to change what I use it for. Is this allowed?
WillPower Applications are reviewed, scored and approved based on the specific information submitted in the application. Therefore, requests for changes to the use of the grant after approval are strongly discouraged, and only considered when necessary. Proposed changes may be approved if they are simple in nature, i.e. the applicant wishes to purchase the approved product from a different vendor because the product is no longer available from the vendor listed on their application. Applicants requesting to use their funds for something which differs significantly than what they applied for (i.e. they wish to use the funds for a different service/program) will be asked to submit a new application.

The product(s) I am requesting funding for must be purchased online. I understand that if WillPower approves my application, I will need to purchase these items upfront then submit a request for reimbursement. This is a hardship for me. Can WillPower purchase the product for me directly?
WillPower can no longer make direct online purchases on behalf of families. When completing your application, if you are unable to purchase the requested item upfront, please request a product/service for which WillPower can pay a vendor directly by check.

How long do I have to spend the check for my WillPower grant?
WillPower checks are valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

I still have questions about how to complete the application. Who can I contact for help?
Email your questions to, or call our Administrative Specialist:
Valerie Pinciak at (413) 341-0151