Our Team



jeffJeff Palm
Center for International Studies
Northampton, MA

“I do this work to feel like I’m contributing to my local community. It’s important that we give funding and support directly to families for exactly what they ask for.”


maggieMaggie Sheehan, CPA
Enhanced Accounting Solutions, Inc.
Longmeadow, MA

“I got involved with the WillPower Foundation because I feel it’s important to give back to those who are in need. I wanted to utilize my professional skills to help, however I could. As I’ve worked with the WillPower Foundation, I’ve come to better understand the need that exists in our community and I’m thankful to play a role in helping fulfill those needs.”



mattMatthew L. Donohue, Esq.
Connor, Morneau, & Olin, LLP
Holyoke, MA

“I support the WillPower Foundation to contribute to my community and to be an example to my family and my friends, so that they are encouraged to contribute to their community too.”


jack Jack Fanton, MD
Brattleboro Retreat
Amherst, MA

“As a practicing child Psychiatrist in the region, I know firsthand the unmet needs of our community. I support the WillPower Foundation to be able to help those in need when help is not readily available.”


kathyKathleen Lyons
Disability Management Services
Longmeadow, MA

“It’s powerful to be part of a team that can make a difference to a family by helping in a relatively small way.”


wayneWayne P. Proulx
Odyssey Wealth Management Group, LLC
Westfield, MA

“I do this work because I know it makes a difference. It’s my way of giving back to my community and teaching my kids the importance supporting those who need help.”


emilyEmily Leonczyk
Ludlow, MA

“Our community is only as strong as our heart to give back to one another. I do this work because it inspires me to be part of an organization that celebrates all abilities and supports families however they need


johnJonathan Gilburg
Gilburg Leadership Incorporated
Holyoke, MA

“I have great respect for the founders, Maria and Craig Burke. I do this work because I know that it changes lives in our community without making families jump through hoops to receive the help.”


Steve M. Matta
Community Intervention Services
Northampton, MA

“I enjoy this work because the resources with which we connect families accentuates children’s unique abilities and solves practical everyday problems. It’s super rewarding to see children, families, and our communities support one another.”

Teresa Dooley – Smith, M.S., CCC/SLP
TDS Center for Communication and Social Learning
Amherst, MA

“I do this work because I wholeheartedly believe in the power of compassionate action and how each of us has the ability to make a profound difference in our communities- one family and one child at a time. The WillPower Foundation is, for me, a shining example of people coming together to support differently abled kids and their families in small ways which have a great impact. It takes a village to support a child’s well being and promote a society which includes everyone. I am proud to be a part of the WillPower Foundation, as they do just that.”


mariaMaria Burke
Holyoke, MA

“I believe in WillPower because we help families caring for individuals with different abilities feel less alone and more empowered. WillPower gives people and businesses a way to feel great about directly supporting people in their community.”

craigCraig Burke
Holyoke, MA


“We lived through some trying times when Will was younger when advocacy and information were hard to find. We vowed to find a way to help other families make at least ONE thing easier.”


 Interim Executive Director

Sarah Aasheim, MSW, LCSW
Belchertown, MA
Contact: director@WillPowerFoundation.org

“I do this work because it is important to serve families caring for individuals with different abilities. We get to see the impact of our work right in our community. It is important to me to be able to educate the community about the needs of families with special needs. I also LOVE the people of WillPower.”